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28th March 2014

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Forgive me for I have sinned. Bonus:


Forgive me for I have sinned. Bonus:


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28th March 2014

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Ya know what?

 Nobody really liked the Jack abuse in the first place. One of the biggest complaints about showdown was the way they handled Jacks character. Everybody hated the flanderization and constant abuse. It felt like someone telling you the same unfunny joke over and over again. It got really old, really fast. 

then in chronicles they just keep pushing it. We get it. Nobody likes Jack. stop. Nobody thinks this is funny. Nobody ever thought it was funny. In fact, you’re making Jack a lot easier to sympathize with, and the other characters totally unlikable by constantly pushing this one. bad. joke. 

 it doesn’t even mater what the writers intended or why they did it cause it just. isn’t. funny. 

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27th March 2014

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"As head of the Jack Spicer online fan-club-"image

"-Can I get your Autograph?"


Jack: “I have an online fanclub?”


"Yep and I’m your ‘number 1’ Fan"


Jack Spicer: [ LOOKS TO CAMERA ]


Yeeeeee, he’s the master of that stuff :D

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26th March 2014

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wow and now this is my BROTP

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23rd March 2014

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Armin + green eyes

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4th March 2014

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This came up in the livestream last night and I just couldn’t miss the opportunity

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24th February 2014

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Sometimes I wonder if jacks parents are even real. People talk about the ying yang world and how jacks so in-tune with it and also how jacks parents are COMPLETELY ABSENT ALL THE TIME WE NEVER ONCE SEE THEM. the only time they are mentioned is when theres a party going on upstairs the first episode of catnappe and when hannibal bean mentioned jacks mom,but like it was brought up,you cant believe everything you see with bean it could of been all lies. I really wonder if jack was born of the ying yang world and was brought to this world. I dont have everything down im thinking but what if he was born from there and it would explain the constantly absent parents and maybe his own mind imagined that maybe he had some in the first place and would also explain how he feels this need for constant companionship from somebody,rather it be a person or a robot,he always has someone around him because deep down he knows his parents doesnt really exist,but his mind keeps thinking they are real….HOW HE GOT THE HOUSE? I DUNNO MAN. IM JUST THINKING STUFF OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD. it would explain his color scheme and a few other things but im not good at thinking,WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK?

I-I think I need a minute.

I need to go sit down and think for a really long time about this. I mean his ‘parents’ could live in his house but consider this, what if they were more robots that he just thought were human. I don’t know I guess the biggest loop hole in that theory is how did Jacks dad send him Wuya’s puzzle box if he wasn’t real but…

Okay hear me out and this might sound a little cuckoo for cocoa puffs but what if Jack was born in the Ying Yang world . What if Hannibal  was involved (and planning this) from the start. We all know about the depths he goes to complete a plan. What if Hannibal used Ying-Ying to get Jack out of the Ying Yang world as a baby. What if Hannibal set up the home he would live in, ant the parents that would raise him, and influenced him to want to be evil to begin with (they always mention in the show how Jack could have been good). What if it was all part of Hannibal’s plan to get freed. He planned that Ying-Ying would transport jack to the Ying-Yang world to begin with in episode ‘The Life and Times of Hannibal Roby Bean’, but he didn’t plan that Jack would actually enter the Ying-Yang world earlier then that (in ‘Saving Omi’). Not only that, but Hannibal would have never anticipated that Chase Young would tamper with the Ying Yang world, and that consequently Jack would be turned into Good Jack, and leave half of himself behind in the Ying-Yang world episode ‘Finding Omi’. This would have royally screwed up Hannibal’s plans, if his plans were to get Jack to release him.

Once Jack arrives at the Ying-Yang world prison cage (being lead there by Ying-Ying) Jack is given what seems like no choice when it comes to weather or not he should free hannibal.
To everyone’s surprise he says no and doesn’t release him. (I mean that could be for so many reasons. maybe his ‘full evil self’ didn’t want the competition, maybe Good Jack met hannibal off screen, maybe Good Jack told Jack some things off screen. We don’t know), what we do know is that Jack didn’t release Hannibal. 

I don’t know, but I’ve now thoroughly convinced myself that Jack Spicer has strong connections to the Ying-Yang world, and that Hannibal Roy bean has every motivation to have manipulated planned Jack’s life up to this point.

Those are my thoughts. What are yours?

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23rd February 2014

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Attack on Space: A.R.M.I.N.


  • RED

Those were the hues the sky took on during the final moments of our planet. The sun we grew up gazing at was now casting orange and red around the already desecrated planet. We had destroyed our own planet, and this was our final means of survival. The world leaders had divided up the planet , selecting those by chance. There was no middle or upper class, nothing to guarantee that your loved ones would be selected for survival.

Millions of people were selected, but in comparison to the billions that were left behind, watching their home—their planet—falling in on itself, set aflame, knowing their children could not be saved…

Millions was not nearly enough.

  • BLACK 

—was the emptiness of space, of our emotions as we, the chosen , drifted off to our destination. The sobs and wails of our loved ones, our friends, our siblings, as we were separated for ‘the preservation of humanity’ would echo in our minds for all eternity. Our entire way of life was left behind, we had to adapt, to create a new social system…humanity needed order.

Men in suits, a strange smell, blackness…


Information streamed through my head as I awoke to whiteness. Information that I had never read about before, foreign data. D͖̮̩̖̥͑ͤͣ̇a̝̹̕t̢̜̫̲̼̗̳̯a̴  ? 

That word was new to my vocabulary, not once had I used that term till now. I tried to focus, to single out the painful stream of information.

Records indicated there was a social experiment.

Re̪̐͌̅̽ͧͅ c̰͙̪̠̹͔͑̓̏ͅỏ͗ṟ͖̼̙̦͉̅̉̈́̈̈́ḓ̓͛̑̽̿̃̽s̽̈́ͮͨ̂ indicate ͩͧă̬̬̮̟͙̤̈́  ̫̤̟̭̆ͬb̔͒̊͛͒̾ͣo̲y̲̞͕̳̼͆ͧ́ n̈ͩ͆am̯̺̯ͦ́ͬed ͍̬̄͛ͤ̾À̼͋̈r̲̙ͤm̱̙̯̘ͭͤͯ̀͌̎i̻̩̓n͈̯̪̭͇̜̞̈́̀.̬̱͍̝̅ͤ  becam̳͙̦͎͊e̺͗ͬ̾̏̌̊̀——

I didn’t ask for this…

I didn’t…—

I̜͎̪ͣ̔ ̍ͣD͇͎̻̮̝͋̎̂ͩͤI͚̟͚͍͖̣͚D͙̰̘̺̹ͤ̓͛N̩̘̼̙T̺̝̏̎̎̃ ͬͫ̊A̲͋̈S̲̤̯̻̦͓̭ͨ͑̈́ͬͩͮͤḴ̫̩̭͈̆̍ ̳͇̣̤̒ͧͩͬͭ̉T͍̺̩̪̝̂͑O͕ͭ́͌͐ ͇͉̱͑͊ͥ̍B̞͇͆̍ͧ̂ͥ̅͆Ë̯́ͬ̊͋͐C̤̈́ͥ́̏O̱M̟̭̱͓̮̳̈ͨ̈͊E̻̘͋̃͗ͧ͊ͪ ̠̰͚̬́̾T̩̺̂ͦͬ̿ͮͨH̻̣̣̳̺̾̌ͬ̊ͅỊ͆̔̌ͨͦͩS̤̪̺̥̲̹̉̓̐̅ͪ

  • Blue

—My mind Programming. My programming…1000 years…

People I knew…dying in front of me…records piling up of more humans deaths…

Searching “History”


Searching … 

History found “15 years of data

Files D̜̯͝e̹̱͢l͕̦è̺t̬̗͈͖̣͉͕e͉̜̝͈͉̝̝͜d̰̺



Original image found here

I woke up and was like “What if ARMIN had no choice in the matter, if he was drugged and forced to become what he is now. 

beautiful c:

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20th February 2014

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I was thinking about the way Jack was written and I’d like to share my thoughts. I don’t think the writers meant him to be as sympathetic as he came across.  In fact, I don’t think they realized that every attempt they took to make him seem awful, pathetic, and unlikable, only made him more endearing. 

Huge ass analysis under the cut

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16th February 2014

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-you’re kind of impressed with me|| jack/kimiko- 


01. Counting Stars- One Republic 02. I Am Not A Robot- Marina and the Diamonds 03. The Art of Losing- American Hi-Fi 04. Filth and Squalor (Black)- The Dear Hunter 05. Shadowplay- The Killers 06. Coin Operated Boy- The Dresden Dolls 07. Deer in the Headlights- Owl City 08.Killer Queen- Queen 09. All Men are Pigs- Studio Killers 10. Pretty Handsome Awkward- The Used 11. One Week- Bare-Naked Ladies 12. Girl All The Bad Guys Want- Bowling for Soup 13. Inside Out- Eve 6 14. Bad Enough for You- All Time Low 15. Misery- Maroon 5 16. That Don’t Impress Me Much- Shania Twain 17. Whipped Cream- Ludo 18. Knock ‘Em Out- Lily Allen 19. She’s a Genius- Jet 

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16th February 2014

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Remember this?

I made an update 

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16th February 2014

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This episode was freaking awesome.

This episode was freaking awesome.

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12th February 2014

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Are we gonna talk about this hottie right there or…?

Are we gonna talk about this hottie right there or…?

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10th February 2014

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lolyea, that’s my contribution for the Valentine’s day

lolyea, that’s my contribution for the Valentine’s day

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8th February 2014

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I just realised something. And I’d really like some other XS fan’s opinions in this.

I believe Jack is far too stubborn to change his personality or learn from his mistakes. There are only a few things that would really get him to change.
Basically something really drastic would have to happen in his life to make him actually re-evaluate things and make a change. These are the possible things I can think of.

If Jack gets seriously injured in a fight.
(This would likely scare him away from taking part in fighting permanently, or possibly create severe paranoia/fear make him even more heavily reliant on robots then he already is. He’s not the type to give up but he sure is the type to be afraid (though it would all Depend on the severity of the injury. If it was anything that marked his face it would affect his ego, and if it was something handicapping it would dig into his fears). How it affected his alliances would depend on weather he was hurt by the Xiaolin or Heylin side.

Jack’s parents could also pull him away from his adventures and have him study heavily instead, if you’re the type who conceders them over protective and the type to give him too much attention. Either he’d harbour frustrations for falling behind in the Shen Gong Wu hunt and come back in the future using his studies to his advantage (possibly as a techie wiz who avoids going to the scene and lets the robots do the work,or in business skills, and robots on the side)… Or give up on the Shen Gong Wu hunt entirely and pursue his parent’s aspirations for him in hope of there approval.
There’s also the chance of him finally realising that he’s better at being good then being evil. If the Xiaolin Monks gave him enough of a chance and if (and this is a big if) he didn’t betray them then he could turn Xiaolin. For him to not betray them though, his faith in his evil heroes would have had to be crushed (in an irredeemable way), or else he’d still try and prove himself to the Heylins. As much as I’d like to see him turn Xiaolin I feel as though it’s the least likely thing to happen. He has no martial artist skills and would get frustrated too quickly if he ever tried to work with the monks in their way. The monks would have to accept his skills jn robotics/mechanics as being just as significant and martial arts, (and as cool as that would be, not a single character has landed Jack a compliment for his skills in robotics in 3 seasons (excluding Wuya) Not even for that time mechine). His bots are so easy to break, and because the monks are so used to mocking Jack I can’t see them shedding compliments for him any time soon, and Jack is a compliment hungry character. Then again it’s been mentioned multiple times in the show that Jack isn’t fit for evil, though he tries. I don’t know it’s all very up in the air.

The fourth and final possibility I can see is if Jack were to do something drastic… And I mean REALLY drastic to prove his Heylin capability. We all know Spicer doesn’t think things through, so it wouldn’t be beyond him to make a soul binding deal with another character to prove his evil capability or to gain more power. If Chase could be tempted to do something as drastic as drink the Lao Mang Lone soup, think how easy it would be to manipulate Jack. The only thing that stops a situation like this from happening is that no one believes in Jack enough to try and tap into his potential. (In all fairness he doesn’t really show a lot of common sense, The only thing he’s got going for him is his robotics skills, but that only makes him more manipulatable).

Anyway that’s enough of my over-thinking. I want to hear your guys overthinking. What do you believe in? Do you have an opinion on any of this? Or maybe you can think of another possibility.

That’s a good theories! In my opinion, many of Jack’s fans’ think the same way about what you said. I think like this too.

But I also want to believe that Jack someday grow up and realise how useless it was, to try to collect those Wu, or maybe find another way to reach his goals. That’s kinda headcanon-ish, because Jack is like a “never-gonna-grow-up” person :D

I don’t know if I helped you with my opinions or not, but at least I tried.

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